EP#1.3: Question the Promotion Measurement Question, with David Moran

EP#1.3: Question the Promotion Measurement Question, with David Moran

Adam chats with David Moran, co-founder of Silicon Valley's Eversight Labs, to discuss how David questioned the market-standard models for understanding price promotions, based on new learnings from behavioural economics.

Show notes

Thanks to David Moran for his time, friendship and sharing the Eversight story: you can get in touch with David to talk about price, promos and the challenges of changing an industry, via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcmoran/

Check out more about Eversight Labs here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eversight/

David mentioned one of our shared favourite books, which sparked the initial experiments that led to Eversight's new approach. In case you didn't already read it...

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Adam Murphy

Adam Murphy

Adam is a self-confessed marketing geek & curious soul that is in his element in front of a flipchart, with a marker and an interesting question. Over almost 25 years as an insights leader in both supplier/agency and client-side roles, Adam has consistently championed innovation in insights practices and methods. In 2021, Adam founded Curioso to collaborate with corporate and agency partners to unlock commercial opportunity through a culture of true curiosity: based on the simple ethos that “Curiosity leads to Understanding, which creates Opportunity”. 

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